Reese Traves - Picture Book Author

About Reese

Reese Traves is a writer of children's picture books. She loves thinking up stories and fun characters and then writing things for those characters to say in the stories.

She's not such a big fan of writing 'About' pages so she hasn't provided much more. She would rather stand on her head (which she can't do currently, but she can learn) and eat ice cream made of mashed potatoes and chocolate syrup under a giant tree, dripping molasses.

Her first picture book is WANDER NEW YORK: Fitz in the City.

Reese also writes words for greeting cards for Hello Small World, an illustration and stationery shop she co-owns with her husband! You can also check out HSW on Etsy.

Reese is a member of SCBWI and a board member of her local writers association, THPW.

Check out her blog to see what Reese is up to lately!